The Arts

Throughout the nation today, Chapters of The Links, Incorporated partner with museums, symphonies, arts councils, educational institutions, and corporations to support art programs, especially where there is a focus on artists of color. Links are creating and supporting opportunities for educating minority youth in the arts and presenting and supporting performances by youth and accomplished professional artists in a diversity of disciplines.
The goal of The Arts facet is to increase and expand art activity, elevate our programs through arts integration, and effectively create an arts renaissance within The Links, Incorporated organization and our programs.
Classics Through the Ages – This signature program focuses on increasing the interest, knowledge and participation of African American youth in the classical arts. This initiative seeks to afford exemplary student artists opportunities to hone their talents and skills while earning recognition and support for their educational and career pursuits.
Project Walking Fete: Make Health a Habit! – This poster art competition to broaden the organization’s health message, allow The Arts and Health and Human Services facet to work together, and expand the organization’s health message by including a wider spectrum of healthy lifestyle choices. This allows for a more meaningful educational experience for the participants and a wider array of ideas to inspire their poster designs. The National Poster Art Competition runs biennially from October through June beginning in odd numbered years.
The Southern Area Signature Initiatives for The Arts Facet is Connecting Threads and Artist Noir. Connecting Threads is an inter-generational STEAM oriented programs that connects chapter with youth through the art of quilting while integrating STEM education. Artist Noir focuses on introducing multiple disciplines to the next generation. Throughout the program year, youth are exposed to the creativity of local artists. Their education culminates in an artist showcase of their new found talents with their creative muses.
For more information on how the Arts is implemented in the Southern Area, contact:
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