Maude Reid


Maude Reid served as the 5th Southern Area Director from 1965-1969. Under her leadership, four Southern Area Meetings were held with the following themes: Guidelines to Meet Social Change (1966); Links, A Chain in Search for Peace Through Volunteer Services (1967); Focusing on Youth and the Fine Arts (1968); and Links Face Today’s Realities (1969). She initiated the concept and practice of chapter presidents meeting prior to the opening of Area Conferences. She also developed criteria on the qualifications of area officers and election procedures.

QUOTE: “I considered the four years I served as Area Director, 1965-1969, to be my most rewarding years in a leadership role of one of the finest group(s) of women I have been privileged to serve. The cooperation, dedication, loyalty and involvement of these ladies inspired me to serve (the) Southern Area to the best of my ability.”