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Links Day at the Capitol

Annually during our seven states’ respective legislative sessions, Southern Area chapters and members participate in Links Day at the Capitol. Under the direction of our Legislative Affairs and Disaster Relief Chair, Denise Cooper, the goal is to enact long-term change for the betterment of our communities.

Envisioned by Margaret Thompson Johnson, 16th Southern Area Director, Links Day at the Capitol (LDAC) was established to galvanize Links members and Chapters across the breadth of the Southern Area. Engaging communities and utilizing strategic coalitions, the initial work of LDAC provided an opportunity for members to work toward ensuring that legislation was in place to eliminate health disparities in states across the Southern Area, the Commonwealth of The Bahamas and South Africa.   Additionally, the thrust was to motivate legislators to strengthen and more effectively enforce and fund legislation to help eliminate health disparities.

Today, LDAC is not only a Southern Area initiative but has spread throughout Linkdom. The well anticipated event has expanded to not only engage and empower but to educate as well. It is an opportunity for our sisters to gather from around the state and to advocate in one voice to have the rallying call of our legislative priorities heard. Our administration’s priorities include closing the gap in foster care, the juvenile justice system, the 2020 Census, Get Out The Vote (GOTV) Initiatives, and breast health legislation

Mrs. Johnson is grateful that members of the Southern Area and beyond have turned her vision of “Links Day at the Capitol” into a model of advocacy that was admirable, meaningful and replicable.  From the inception of Links Day at the Capitol, the voices of Southern Area Links have lifted critical issues facing our people before those who could affect positive change. This effort was seen as trailblazing and a catalyst for change with the potential to empower, inspire and breathe life into the possible. Chapters throughout The Links, Incorporated continue these efforts today.

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