International Trends & Services

The International Trends and Services Facet is designed to provide “boots on the ground” assistance or tangible services to women, children, men, and families within the African Diaspora for the purposes of educational, economic, medical, and cultural enhancement. Mission trips (delegations) that provide educational and medical support, the construction of medical facility, educational and medical toolkits, instructional support materials, and legislative awareness and advocacy are examples of programs and initiatives associated with the International Trends and Services Facet.
Goal: The primary goal of the International Trends and Services Facet is to expand the global platform for cultural awareness, educational enrichment, and economic empowerment for persons of African descent. Programs and services are identified to meet the needs of members of the African Diaspora. Countries have included (but are not limited to) Africa, Jamaica, and Haiti.
The Southern Area International Trends & Services initiative is One Mission One Love which is a global embrace of countries of color including Hait, Jamaica and the Bahamas. We specifically share interest in Nassau Bahamas which is home to the Southern Area’s only international chapter in Nassau, Bahamas. There we embrace the “Safehouse” which is essentially the “house that Links built.” This facility, which is solely supported by Links, is a domestic housing haven for women in crises who are victims of domestic violence and young women without families to reside who are continuing their tertiary education.
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