Gladys Woods


Gladys Woods served as the 6th Southern Area Director from 1969-1973 and began the decade known for unparalleled administrative growth and a deepening impact of service.  She aimed to take stock of the state of the organization and how it might grow in the future, specifically by looking for new ways to reach the goals of the three-fold purpose of the Links, Incorporated.  Woods challenged each Link to identify how she would strengthen Area programs through personal involvement.


QUOTE: “Periodically, there is need for self-renewal and organizational renewal—a time for taking stock of where we are and the direction in which we wish to move in the future. . . . Let us . . . re-examine our total organization by looking for new ways of reaching the goals of the three-fold purpose of The Links, Incorporated. . . . Let each Link in her own mind and in her own way measure the part she will play in strengthening the area program through personal involvement.”