Barbara S. Moore


Barbara Moore

Barbara S. Moore served as the 12th Southern Area Director from 1987-1991 and offered the organization and the community more than 41 years of leadership, friendship, and service. Moore’s administration focused on guiding the Southern Area toward unparalleled growth and development.

Programmatically, she focused on work that positively affected children’s lives specifically through The Arts and Services to Youth facets.

Moore cherished the rich history of Southern Area leadership within The Links and wanted those accomplishments to be an inspiration to others. She implemented a plan to write a history of the Southern Area and ensured that it was completed during her term. Moore presented the Southern Area History: The Links, Incorporated 1949-1989, the Area’s first history book, at the 1989 Southern Area Conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She called the book a record of achievements of dedicated women who are committed to serving others.

QUOTE: “We must not rest on our laurels . . . for it is our charge and sacred duty to meet the challenges before us. The greater the challenge, the bigger the opportunity; it is our responsibility to meet the challenges that confront us because these are our opportunities to serve.”