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The Services to Youth facet seeks to enrich the lives of and advocate for the betterment of African-American youth. The organization implements programs that are responsive to the academic, cultural, health, social awareness, career development, and mentoring needs of youth. Using an integrated approach, The Links, Incorporated is preparing young people to succeed!



The Services to Youth facet supports and advocates for the betterment of African American youth through two signature programs and five national initiatives.



Signature Programs


Links to Success:  Children Achieving Excellence


Project L.E.A.D. – High Expectations




National Initiatives


National Mentoring Initiative


Young Achievers – “Developing the Whole Child”


STEM Education and Career Readiness


Historically Black Colleges and Universities Initiative


Education Linkage – “The Equation for Excellence”




For more information on how the Services to Youth facet is implemented in the Southern Area, please contact:

 The goals of the Services to Youth Facet are to:


Promote early literacy

Close the K-16 academic achievement gaps

Increase high school and college graduation rates

Implement local mentoring programs from kindergarten through college

Introduce and support STEM education and career readiness programs

Implement college readiness programs

Award college scholarships and endowments

Promote and support Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU)



Services To Youth















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